Care China Classic / Business

  • Calculation of Care China Classic / Business
    Care China Classic Care China Business
    Men 70 € per month 95 € per month
    Women 90 € per month 120 € per month
    Children up to 21 years 60 € per month 80 € per month
  • Category of persons
    Insurable are Chinese citizens who reside temporarily in the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, the European Union countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or the Schengen countries. Insurable are persons who have turned 64.
  • Period of insurance
    Minimum contract period in economy care China Classic tariff is 3 month. The maximum contract period for travel into the Federal Republic of Germany is max. 60 month incl. all prolongation. For travel outside Germany it is possible to cover insurance for a period up to 60 month first. To extend the insurance for another 60 month a written approval of the insurer is essential.
  • Territorial vadility
    Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, the European Union countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Schengen countries
  • All benefits at a glance
    • ambulatory treatment at a doctor
    • Inpatient treatment at a hospital ( incl. follow-up treatment)
    • Accomodation in 1bed or 2bed rooms incl. treatment on privat medical care
    • medication and dressings physician directed
    • Lenses and rims or contact lenses up to max. 100,- EUR
    • Pregnancy examination and pregnancy treatments, delivery (after expiration period)
    • physician directed massage, medical poultice and inhalation
    • physician directed stretcher
    • Transportation costs at death/funeral costs up to 10.000 €
    • analgesic dental treatment and surgical repair of existing dentures to 100% up to 300,- € respectively 600,- € with a minimum period of insurance of 180 days.
    • medical indispensable dentures up to 80% up to max. 1.000,- € within 1 insurance year (after expriation period)
    • physician directed medical aids after accident
    • medically sensible return transportation after accident
    • direct billing of physician services with physicians, clinics etc. (only in Germany and Austria)
    • No co-payment

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