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Medical Insurance Services For Tourists and Travelers

1. Prizes and duration of the Care Europe travel insurance protection


Duration (days)

Persons under the age of 70

Persons over the age of 70


6,5 €

23,- €


12,5 €

39,10 €


19 €

71,30 €


37 €

103,50 €


45 €

142,60 €


89 €

213,90 €

2 . Target groups of the Care Europe travel insurance services

Tourists, persons going to visit their family and friends and persons on a short-term official business trip, who are planning to stay up to 93 days within the borders of the European Union. Of course the Care Europe travel insurance also is available for groups or delegations.

3. Regional range of the Care Europe travel insurance services
The Care Europe travel insurance services provide efficient health and property protection in Germany, Austria and all other member states of the European Union, as well as in the member states of the Schengen Area.


4. Scope of the Care Europe travel insurance services

In order to successfully apply a valid visa for a member state of the European Union, it is required to have a travel insurance protection covering at least costs of 30.000 Euro. These requirements are met with this insurance solution.

Medical insurance coverage:

a) Outpatient services’ and doctor’s fees
b) Hospital expenses, including an average hospital room (≠ one-bed room). The insurance services do not contain the patient’s choice of doctor and/or room.
c) Costs of medically prescribed pharmaceuticals, bandages and dressings
d) Costs of medically prescribed transfers to other medical facilities and medically necessary return transport (up to 10.000 Euro)
e) Repatriation transport costs in case of the insurant’s death / funeral expenses
f) Full dental treatment of acute toothache, including:       - Costs of tooth fillings
(max. amount of costs: 300 €)


Accident insurance coverage:

f) Death benefit
g) Incapacity benefit


Personal liability insurance coverage:

h) Lump limit of liability: 1.000.000 Euro (personal excess: 500 Euro), including damage done to individuals and property


5. Cancellation or rearrangement of the Care Europe travel insurance services

  1. In the case that the customer would like to modify, revise or reschedule the insurance services or its’ starting date, please be sure to contact us before the estimated beginning of insurance protection. If the reason for the customer desiring to cancel the insurance services is rooted in the denial of the customer’s visa application, the submission of a proof of denial to us also is required. For the cancellation of insurance services due to personal reasons, it is necessary to contact us before the start of insurance protection.
  2. The declaration of cancellation requires the customer to pay a processing fee of 5 Euro in total. The remaining money of course will be refunded to the customer.


6. Important notes concerning the Care Europe travel and medical insurance service

a)  After purchasing the Care Europe insurance solution, the validity of the contract is guaranteed for 6 months. The beginning of the actual, effective protection will be dated to the visa entry date as recorded in the passport.

For example: On the first of June, our company issues a 6 months-valid insurance confirmation to you, guaranteeing you broad travel and medical insurance services for 93 days when staying abroad. Of course it is your choice to decide when you want to enter the concerned country or countries and make use of the 93 days of insurance protection. Theoretically, you also could enter the European Union or Schengen Area on the 31st of December and the insurance still would take effect for the entire duration of 93 days. In the case that the actual date of entry differs a lot from the originally planned date of entry, it of course would be better if you let us know in advance.

b)   If the customer would like to extend the duration of the insurance protection, the tariff will be derived from the total duration of the customer’s effectively making use of the insurance services abroad.

For example: An under 70-years old customer originally purchased the Care Europe insurance protection for a total duration of 62 days and payed 45 Euro for it. He now found out he will have to extend the duration to up to 93 days. In this case, the total sum of insurance fees will raise up to 89 Euro, which is the regular prize for a stay of that duration. There is not the option to purchase the insurance solution for only 31 days (19 Euro) in order to make up to 93 days duration of total stay.

c)   Simultaneously, it is important to not forget that the maximum duration of the visa validity will be the same as the duration of the purchased insurance.

For example: The former named customer purchased the Care Europe for the duration of 62 days. The visa application requirements don’t allow entry or stay without any kind of travel or medical insurance.

d)  According to customer requests, we hereby provide an electronic version of the insurance certificate handed out to the customers after purchasing the insurance option. (Click here)
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Do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we are looking forward to you contacting us!

7. Application form
Please click here for downloading the Care Europe application form! (Verlinken!)
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