Care Visa Protect


1. Prizes and duration of the Care Visa Protect medical insurance protection


Prizes for the "Care Visa Protect" multiple entry visa medical insurance protection (valid for 1 year)
Maximum duration of effective protection abroad: 93 days (accumulation possible)

For persons under the age of 65

For persons from the age of 65 to 73

110 €

215 €


2. Target groups of the Care Visa Protect medical insurance protection

       Tourists, persons going to visit their family and friends and persons on a short-term official   business trip, who are planning to enter the European Union or member states of the      Schengen area within the period of 1 year for multiple times. The maximum duration of stay     is 93 days. Of course the Care Visa Protect medical insurance also is available for groups or        delegations.

3. Regional range of the Care Visa Protect medical insurance services

The Care Visa Protect medical insurance services provide efficient health and property protection in Germany, Austria and all other member states of the European Union as well as in the member states of the Schengen Area.


4. Scope of the Care Visa Protect medical insurance services

This insurance solution’s limit of the amount of insurance is 50.000 Euro per contract, which meets the European visa application requirements of at least 30.000 Euro insured amount.

Medical insurance coverage:
a)Outpatient services’ and doctor’s fees
b)Hospital expenses, including an average hospital room (≠ one-bed room). The insurance services do not contain the patient’s choice of doctor and/or room.
c)Costs of medically prescribed pharmaceuticals, bandages and dressings ordered by a doctor
d)Costs of medically prescribed transfers to other medical facilities and medically necessary return transport
e)Full dental treatment of acute toothache, including:  - Costs of tooth fillings
(max. amount of costs: 300 €)
f)Repatriation transport costs in case of the insurant’s death / funeral expenses (max. amount of costs 10.000 €)

5. Cancellation or rearrangement of the Care Visa Protect travel insurance services

If the reason for the customer desiring to cancel the insurance services is rooted in the denial of the customer’s visa application, the submission of a proof of denial to us is required. After submitting the concerned document to us, the cancellation will be executed. We will charge a processing fee of 5 Euro then.


6. Application form
Please click here for downloading the Care Europe application form!
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