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CTG's 20th birthday more

Chinese People's Daily published special report on the 20th birthday of CTG; more

CTG Service Center signed with the Ergo insurance company officially, became the first signing agent with company identity .

Excursion Rhein-Main more

CTG became Agent of Chinese IPTV;

CTG organized successfully the test drive of the Citroen C5 range on the Nuremberg Ring.more

As a business partner CTG was cordial invited to the 10 years celebration of Care Concept. more

Travel Insurance - Care Europe: Below 70 years old, 19 € / month, you can also participate to it when you're over 80 years old.more

New product of our insurance, new tariffs for people who is over 80 years old. more


2010 the Year of the Tiger, just in time for Chinese New Year gets the CTG GmbH an offer of the company Charm China Internet TV. Charm China IPTV is the only one authorized by SARFT foreign operator with business license for global activities»more

The company Charm to China IPTV is a professional operator for IPTV and the only authorized by SARFT Oprator. Charm China relies on most channels of Chinese language in Europe and offers the people living in Europe, which for the Chinese language and culture interested in domestic television programs and films. By using the small set-top box you can watch live TV shows and movies easily and quickly receive, organize, and look at what you are about to see; e.g. TV programs as well as the latest movies, TV shows and karaoke etc.

• TV program channels as follows: CCTV4, CCTV9, Phoenix News, Beijing TV,
Hunan Satellite TV, Entertainment Channel, TV Channel, Soundtrack, Xiaoxiang Film, Guangdong Satellite TV, South East Satellite TV, Zhejiang Satellite TV, Satellite TV Hainan, Jiangxi Satellite TV, Satellite TV Heilongjiang, Liaoning Satellite TV, Satellite TV Guizhou, Yunnan Satellite TV, Satellite TV Inner Mongolia, Gansu Satellite TV, Tianying Movies, Cartoon channel, Sunshine Satellite TV, Satellite TV Dongfeng, Wushu / Kungfu World, Asia Travel Channel, Beijing theater channel, Hakka channel, Pearl River International (Cantonese), Xiamen Satellite TV (Fujian Minnan dialect), Xinhua Media, Wenzhou Channel, Guoxue Healthy, Teaching Chinese, Good Luck Under Star, Lotus Satellite TV, other programs on offer.
The latest Chinese films, TV shows and karaoke on demand. In addition, there is also the Charm Charm Cinema and theater option available; so that you can without commercial interruptions receive all important and interesting programs that you missed in the past 48 hours.

• You should have a television and a broadband Internet connection. Once you have the set-top box, TV and the Internet interconnected You can view all programs easily;
• The set-top box only needs a minute to support the transfer of the program, where it runs on your computer independently and without impact. Even a simultaneous start-up does not affect the quality of the two devices.
When compared to a satellite receiver (such as LNBs), is this the weather and the condition of the house depends, to ensure the transfer; the set-top box, however, is independent of any weather type or the nature of the house;
No matter whether traveling, visiting or traveling. Just run the small box with and enjoy your favorite programs.
Just plug in and go!

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